For your weekend webbing pleasure

Have you noticed how all veggies eventually get their day in the sun? Har, har. Remember the sweet potato craze? Sundried tomatoes? Well, it’s clearly The Time to Shine for the brussel sprout. You can’t click a mouse without stumbling upon another rapturous account of these roasted little morsels! This version from Alexandra Cooks was a bit hit on Thanksgiving.

One of my favourite lame things is when people use vocab they’re clearly not comfortable with. This is a funny take on the rising Britishisms in the US. It’s a real larf. (New York Times)

Oh yes, just when you thought you couldn’t wait one more minute…it’s sexy mustard time again! Hooray for whory Halloween costumes. (xojane)

Did you watch the inspiring and infuriating PBS documentary Half the Sky? It tells the story of girls around the world, dealing with incomprehensible crap, just because they’re girls. And of course, they’re flying in the face of it, because they’re girls! (Independent Lens)

Oh, here’s another amazing girl. Have you heard about Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani blogging superhero? The Taliban shot her on a school bus this week because she dares to go to school. Send your prayers her way and thank your deity of choice for giving us such a courageous girl. (BBC)


I feel grateful! Oh so grateful.

The Falling Leaves

The Falling Leaves (Photo credit: magandafille)

I’m grateful for time to stomp around in crunchy leaves with my boy. And for crunchy leaves without the Arctic wind…yet.

I’m grateful for easy, efficient public transportation. Shout out to Winnipeg Transit drivers, who’ve been courteous, friendly and graceful under pressure in my last two weeks of bus travel.

I’m grateful for my man’s roast chicken Sunday dinners. I am blessed. And somewhat bloated. Urp.

For your weekend webbing pleasure

Schools of the future

Love this! Artist Jean-Marc Cote created this series of paintings in 1900 depicting life in France in the year 2000. Which reminds me: where IS my jet pack?

Love this, too! From Jezebel: some Reddit jerk posts a pic and a mean comment of a Sikh girl living her life. She writes an articulate, eloquent response. Then, get this: he apologizes! Warm, fuzzy Internet interaction! See the thread here. (Update: he’s deleted his account.)

Maybe people will get the concept of security from watching this video? From Wimp: Amazing mind reader reveals his gift.

Bill Gates says we’re close to eradicating polio around the world!  Only Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan remain. (Of course, Jenny McCarthy and deranged suburban moms are working hard to combat progress…)

Check out this great infographic about the plight of women and girls around the world. This would be a great teaching tool. The stats are well presented with good visuals.

And because now I’m all fired up, have you read Caitlin Moran’s How To Be a Woman? So funny and open and honest. ROAR!

I feel grateful! Oh so grateful!

C's first round in the canolaI’m grateful for the blazing hot sun, itchy barley dust, my dad’s optimism and the lifestyle it provides us all.

I’m grateful for every single thing about my mum, including her peaches and cream complexion, which I inherited and sport with a bit of smugness. She’s looking good at 64!

I’m grateful for the time my little boy spends with my parents. Watching them enjoy each other’s company is proof positive that I’m doing something right.

For your weekend webbing pleasure

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...

When I stop to think about this Mars Greeley Haven 360 Panorama, I get positively goosebumped. Tire treads on Mars!

This infographic of hurricane data also makes the hair on my arms stand up. Here’s the orignal post from IDV User Experience.

This ad spoof on the “legitimate rape” garbage is pretty funny. (Though I found some of the action a bit much. Anyone else?)

I really enjoyed Lydia Netzer’s defence of space exploration. “We realized in stages that we were very insignificant. And then, almost like grown-ups, we pulled our boots on and began to try to leave a significant mark anyway.”

And oh my stars! Donut porn and classic literature, together at last.

Dear Aunt Audrey,

I picked the apples today. You would know exactly why we had a bumper crop this year, but without you, it confounds me entirely. I hauled out the big ladder and filled five six-gallon pails and four bags to the brim with perfectly unblemished beauties. From one tree!

What on earth did you do with the twelve trees that used to welcome guests at the end of the driveway? Pies, cakes, slices, muffins. Jellies, jams, juice. Pickled apples, dried apples, frozen apples. Then what?

Mum and I peeled enough apples to give us both callouses, which is twenty bags of applesauce and filling for six pies. I know, softies, the both of us. We admitted defeat even before I could get to your crabapple tree. I’ll do that tomorrow and make juice. Imagine celebrating my birthday with homemade appletinis. Skål!